Month: May 2011

The Hangover, Too

The guys from the most successful R rated film ever, The Hangover, are back in The Hangover II.  And this time they have a monkey! 

Journalism Defined

Sometimes AM980 airs programs created by London journalism students.  I caught a couple of those shows a week or two ago. 

The Verdicts

Mostly not guilty. The two Manhattan cops who were charged with raping a drunken woman they helped to her apartment were cleared of the sexual assault charges but they’re still going to lose their jobs.

Idol Worship

Ratings show the median age of an American Idol viewer is in their early 40’s. However it’s widely accepted that it’s kids who are doing the voting.

The Met

Lots of cities have problems with their downtown area.  Empty storefronts, gatherings of bored young people with drugs or destruction on their minds, shoppers lured to the big box stores on the outskirts.  London hasn’t fared as badly as many others have but the city has just made a positive move toward doing something about it with The …

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Garage Update

When we last left our steel building it was covered (or uncovered) in a blue tarp that the hostile winter shredded and left flapping in the wind.

Biker World

It still amuses my family that I own, ride and love my motorcycle. I spent all day yesterday on it, riding up to Wingham, picking up a friend and riding around to various spots in the town with her, and then returning home.

Not A Strong Suit

Ugh. The big family swimming party is coming up in about a month and you know what that means? I need a new bathing suit. Bring on the flourescent lighting, impossibly skinny saleswomen and see-through shop walls through which all passersby can view my shame.

The End of the World as we Know It!

Harold Camping, a broadcaster and “religious figure” in the US, says Saturday will be the day of rapture, when Jesus comes back to claim all good people for heaven. Five months after that the world will end, says Camping, based on calculations from writings in the Bible.

What’s The Matter With Boobies?

A campaign designed to get high-school age kids to develop an awareness about breast cancer is getting unwanted attention from school officials on both sides of the border.