Month: November 2011

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

I’ve been following the story of the “butt plumper” for a while now.  It’s real, it’s true, it’s not an urban legend.  It’s what happens when an idiot opportunist and vain bargain-hunting women collide.  

So Long, Duke

A long-time employee of CKNX-TV in Wingham died on Friday.  John “Duke” Day was 86.  Oh, the stories he told!

Insatiable Hunger

We regularly visit someone who’s in an extended care residence.  Although some might think of it as a depressing place, it actually offers some light and funny moments.    

Rip This

We’ve been had.  We, as in London media, have played directly into the hands of the city’s new baseball team.  They played us like fiddles and my, didn’t we make a pretty sound?

Movin’ On Up

We spent another Sunday with our great friends Jeff and Laurie as they settle their “cottage” into the lovely town of Bayfield.  

Advice For The Twenty-Somethings

I see it in most of their faces.   They’re in a hurry to “get there” and they’re panicked that they never will.  Oh how I remember being in my twenties!  


The occupation of London’s Victoria Park is over.  This may not be news to you.  It was covered nationally as city officials from across the country watched closely to see how the first forced eviction of an occupation would go.