Month: April 2015

House for Sale

No, not the one I live in. Many months ago, we joined with brother Rob and another partner in a house-flipping adventure. We bought a wreck of a place in Welland, ON and through the magic of money and back-breaking labour, turned it into a home for two families and an income property for someone to buy.  …

Behold–The New Studio

Not only are the ants and the old-carpet smell gone, not only is there a terrific new floor, brighter lighting and the bins of storage crap and the trophies have been removed, but the sound from my recording set-up is better than ever. Winning! 


Behind the room divider, which has a fuzzy, thick sofa throw attached with Velcro for sound absorption, is my neat and tidy desk. There’s a place for everything and everything, so far, is in its place. The futon is more comfortable than its average cousin and the red rug is a handwoven wool item I got for a song at an antique shop.

I scoured the Internet for a bamboo bead curtain to hang over the awkwardly-sized closet door. I found a company in Montreal that shipped it quickly. The way they packed it was pure genius. While measuring and installing, I stepped on that thing a half-dozen times and nothing cracked or came out of place.


Everything except the futon and curtain is either second-hand or has been repurposed from another room or function. Yes, those are area rugs on the wall beside and behind my desk to eliminate echo. I made the fabric window curtain from an old, long curtain with grommets. There are a few odds and ends to put in place but now that it’s done, I don’t know why I put this off. Along the way I emptied a half-dozen bins of stuff that will either help with a church yard sale or get recycled. I’ve always been one to get ‘er done, and after the way this redo lifted my spirits, I won’t procrastinate again


And the king of the castle obviously approves, too.

Double Trouble

A woman who made a bet with friends found her exact replica in less than a month thanks to social media. Although the search was worldwide, Naimh Geaney from Dublin, Ireland found her mirror image in a stranger who lived only an hour’s drive away.  …

Judging the Judgers

When I was a kid I dreamed about being a lawyer. I still enjoy following trials, especially criminal cases, where too-often sleazy lawyers will do literally anything to try to get their clients an acquittal. I still don’t quite understand how that’s acceptable, but I digress.  …

Cat House

It’s no secret that Spice the wonder cat, as he’s known around here, is the king of our castle. We adore him. He’s 14 now and at times he’s still as curious and playful as a kitten.  …