Month: June 2015

The Byron Hillbilly

After work late Friday morning, I stopped to get a few groceries. As a treat for behaving myself with my diet all week, I bought a small bag of soft red licorice – one of my favourite things in the world. I popped a couple of pieces in my mouth and hit the road for …

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Fraudulent Bogus Idiots

I don’t always have sympathy for people who have been taken in by scams. It really depends on the type of ruse. If it appeals to someone’s latent sense of greed, I can turn to cold stone. An example would be the many pyramid schemes that wend their way through groups of ladies who lunch. The …

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Richard Costley-White

Perhaps you read in the business section of a paper or via broadcasting news that Richard Costley-White died last week. He was 48 and he was the owner of the company I work for, Blackburn Radio Inc..

But Sirius-ly Folks

Without a lot of fanfare, I subscribed to Sirius satellite radio for the past year. My KIA Soul came with a free 3-month trial and I waited them out until the price came down to about $6 per month from $15. 

Chat Stats Are In!

In the week or so since this website was officially launched, and by that I mean replacing my old site, the “chat with me” option via PureChat has been tracked and the results are in. They’re overwhelming. 

Just Do It

My favourite motivational video is actually part of a student project actor Shia LeBeouf recently made. I’ve only seen this minute-long, insanely intense call to arms for following one’s dreams.

Aspiring Broadcasters Take Note

When I was in college and couldn’t find a mentor despite trying, I swore that if I survived in this business and anyone wanted my opinion, I’d give it freely. 

Cops Gone Wild

It seems to happen every other day. Someone posts a video of a police officer losing his mind and doing something racist or way over the top for the situation he’s in.

Mechanical Victory

Our washing machine is a hand-me-up from a relative who was moving and didn’t need it anymore. It works well but there’s always been an issue with the safety switch.