Month: June 2018

Thankful Thursday – The Outlaws

If life is teaching me anything, it’s to be grateful for who you have while you have them. My in-laws are a pretty wonderful bunch. Derek is the eldest of six and they’re all different but they’re also similar. Siblings are like that. I mean, I only have one, so what did I know?

Yet Another Scam

Longtime readers might remember references to Cousin Kim. She’s Derek’s cousin by DNA but I’ve definitely claimed her too! With permission of her daughter, Kristina, I’m sharing their story today. It’s a scam I’d never heard of but it’s more common than we might think. A frustrated Kristina told her story on the Mastercard Facebook …

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Political Randt

Quashing the truth always worries me. I’m concerned for a generation of kids growing up with confusing messages from (supposed) grown-ups who tell stories with facts conveniently omitted because those facts don’t support their narrative.

Help is on Its Way

The suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain rattled me. I don’t own a Kate Spade bag and I’ve never watched Bourdain’s show, although I did purchase Kitchen Confidential after years of hearing about how brave and bold it is. But I didn’t have to be a fan to understand the importance of these special …

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A Lightbulb Moment

You can buy the same microwave as ours at a zillion Canadian retailers. It’s a Samsung over-the-range unit. Reasonably priced. It has all of the doodads you want in a microwave including a turntable and popular settings. It’s all good, right?