Dear House Bidders

You’re a wonderful young couple who wrote a heart-felt letter along with your bid for our house. We were moved by your excitement about our home and empathized with how long you’d looked for the perfect place to start your family. Your words really did move us. 

My Brother’s Reply

Your target-shooting brother here. Tell me this. If you were to be convinced to give up your beloved paint brushes, the ones you’ve used and coveted all your long, long (long) life, the ones you sorted through using trial and error to eventually collect your favourites at no small expense, the ones that gave you enjoyment and peace, interaction with like-minded  people and camaraderie,  the ones you used for decades with zero harm to anyone and then found out the arguments used to convince you were  based on biased information that was totally wrong but once you found out it was too late and you could never own paint brushes again, would that be cool with you? It’s ok, I know the honest, unemotional answer. Of course it’s ‘no’. That’s the proposition legal gun owners are looking at right now.

Walkin’ (Too Much!) In Memphis

There’s no need to park in downtown Memphis and walk ten city blocks to your destination. We know that now! Looking back, I can’t remember why we did this on our second-last day in the city. It wasn’t the only time we paid for parking when a free spot was available at our destination. Tourists, eh? …

Burgundy album cover with gold writing: The Partridge Family Album

My Favourite Partridge – Feb 23, 2017

David Cassidy died last night with his family around him. The official cause was organ failure but that followed years of drug abuse and heavy drinking that he had finally tamed in recent years. Burned into my memory: David gazing at me lovingly from Tiger Beat magazine. Anticipation of each new episode of The Partridge Family. Ruining the cover of The Partridge Family Album – my first album – by writing Mrs. David Cassidy all over it. What follows is the post I wrote back in February when David announced he had dementia. …