Bedtime Stories

Two young girls from Dover, Delaware love to read and they wanted to share that love. They begged their Mom to let them read bedtime stories every night on Facebook Live. They reasoned that other kids don’t have someone to read to them. The girls found it easier to fall asleep to a story and wanted to help other kids do the same. Their Mom agreed, with a strict list of rules.

Little girl outside on a summer day holding her head in her hands and screaming in frustration

Kids’ Manners and Artificial Intelligence

In my role as a blogger for Witlingo, I get to delve into the world of voice-first technology; smart speakers, apps (called skills) for smart speakers, and the AI voices for the big companies. Those include Siri, Bixby, Cortana, and others. And when I say delve, I mean concentrate as if someone has put me in control of a space shuttle without instruction!

Luke Perry in front of a microphone at Comicon last year

The Perry Way

When I was young, I dreamed of making a big impact on the world. How I’d do it was vague. But the difference would be on a grand scale. Now that I’m older, I’m more focused on the micro than the macro. It’s about making a difference in small moments on a regular basis. That’s why I was so touched by this story about Luke Perry.

“Never work with animals or children.” WC Fields

On Thursdays, we have a segment on the show called Ask Me Anything. Someone with a fascinating hobby or profession comes in and answers anything we and our listeners want to know about what they do. We’ve had a funeral director, a gun fanatic, a veterinarian, a former police chief and other interesting people. This week, I invited intuitive medium – psychic, if you like – Tania Thomas. She knew from the outset that I was a skeptic and she loves to talk about her work. But the result was unpredictable for another reason altogether.  …


We have a Halloween tradition that’s been going on for six years. We unscrew the lightbulb in the garden lantern, keep all the lights off in the house and stay in the TV room at the back and watch a movie. This year’s selection: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which Derek had never seen.  …

Smarty Pants

A study claims first-born children are smarter than their younger siblings. According to the research, in a family of ten children, the first one would be smart and by the time you get to number ten, they’re basically a turnip. …