a brown and a black leather belt sitting on a rock

DIY Under my Belt

I scroll Twitter and see the millionth tweet from someone who drove past somewhere and saw that people weren’t masked. My blood pressure rises. How can some people STILL not get that this virus is killing people indiscriminately? It’s insane. I shake my head. That moment of GAH! on social media can be the one thing that keeps a person’s head from exploding. But for me, it might be the final thing that makes my head pop off its mooring.

Slippery Slope

My first apartment in Wingham had a huge kitchen and livingroom, with a loft-like bedroom and bathroom at the top of a steep set of painted stairs. A few times, when my panty-hosed feet met those steps, Lisa went bye-bye. I recall slipping all the way down, my endless fall finally broken by cracking my noggin on the wooden door at the bottom.

DIY Coasters – Published in The Londoner

Forgotten CDs Play on As Drink Coasters Dec 19/16

CDs, once the brave, new technology for recorded music, were left in the dust by digital technology. And in the dust is where they sit, in piles or on racks. Even though we might not listen to them much anymore, they’re difficult to part with. But a quick walk through any second-hand store will show you how little value they have today.  Now that almost everything is downloadable, merchants can’t seem to get rid of CDs at any price.

Hairy Holder

My blowdryer and hair-straightener bug me. When not in use, they just lay there on my bathroom counter, cords tangling and getting caught in a drawer and a cupboard door. They easily slide off the countertop onto the floor, or worse, one of my tender toes.  …

Throwback Thursday – A Painter’s Lament

Eight years ago we refreshed our kitchen. This house was a disaster when we bought it. That’s how we got a great deal on it! And the kitchen was useless, old, and gross. We replaced just about everything including the countertop. Derek knocked out a wall and his brother, Howie, created extra storage. In other words, we made it work. 

Worthy Clickbait

If you’re on the Internet, you know clickbait. It’s often headlined with something that ends with, “You Won’t Believe What Happened!” or “He Never Imagined THIS!” And then you click through a series of slides and bring revenue to a company – possibly Diply here in London – whose owners get paid by the click. The more you click, the happier the ad placers are.  …

One for Mom

For her birthday, my brother gave our Mom a flat-screen TV. Unfortunately, it didn’t work with her old TV stand and the size of stand she wanted wasn’t easily found unless you had an unlimited budget. Derek said, no worries Ma, we’ll make you one! 

Old Tyme Radio

Derek had the shell of an old radio. We have a couple of intact ones upstairs but this one was in no shape for a prominent display area. It was missing chunks of veneer, the speaker cloth – not to mention a speaker – and a piece of one corner of the footing was broken off in a jagged mess.  …

Laminate Me

My little penny floor drew a lot of interest and attention but the big project in our home has been the laminate floor Derek laid in the living room. I knew very little about laminate flooring except that you get what you pay for.   So we decided to go big or go home with the Pergo flooring we bought for our living room.   …