Month: February 2009

Is Lost Losing It?

I’m as hooked on Lost as ever.  It had me when a survivor from the initial crash was sucked into a jet engine in episode one.  Yeah, it’s dark and so am I.  But I’m wondering how far off the path of reality it will have to wander to tie everything together. 

Fallen Fortune

By now you’ve probably heard that reality show winner J.D. Fortune claims he was dropped as frontman of INXS after an 18 month tour around the world.

Kudos to Corus

The Corus Radio company has kicked off a chain-wide “shop local” campaign that encourages listeners to get out and buy locally.

The Show Is The Thing

The Academy Awards, the little golden statues forever nicknamed Oscars, are essentially meaningless bling bestowed on people whose lives generally already fall into the category of Ridiculously Lucky. 

Economic Musings

Descriptions of the state of the economy have already descended into cringe-worthy cliches.  Sure, we have troubles here, but it’s the US that really dropped the financial ball and is feeling the worst of the crisis. 

Updates on Things

In a previous posting I shared the supposed interest a producer of Steven and Chris (CBC-TV) had in profiling me on the program.  They have my photos.  I have no news!  I have been too busy to check out the show myself so I have no idea if something was done in my absence or …

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Saab Story, and Others

Saab has filed for bankruptcy protection.  GM and Chrysler want eleven million squillion billion dollars … or else!   Harley Davidson had big lay-offs not long ago.   There’s only one solution!  Go Zero! 

The Consulting Game

Launching a business isn’t for the faint of heart.  I love the excitement of it but it’s also a stressful, unpredictable endeavour.  Then again, that’s also part of what I love about it.

Review: Sundays at Tiffany’s

I’m not so naive these days.  Twice divorced, once bitten, and all of the rest.  But I’m still a sucker for a good romantic story.

Pop Culture Shock

Domino Magazine has been an absolute must-buy for me since I discovered it by chance a couple of years ago.

What is Art?

At the 2008 Motorcycle Expo I met a man who turned my head around when it came to figuring out what art is and when you can call yourself an artist.

Level the Playing Field

The Heritage Minister yesterday said he would consider allowing CBC radio to accept advertising if it wanted to boost its revenue stream. 

My Wagging Tail

I’ll probably never have another dog of my own, by choice. 

Designer Dudes and Me

The men who used to be known as the Designer Guys, Steven and Chris, now have their own talk show on CBC.