Month: May 2009

The Optimism of a Wedding

My former colleague Leslie James married his love, Maryann, yesterday in a lovely and sweet ceremony in downtown Toronto.  

Be Me Ever So Humble

I don’t think Jay Leno is the funniest comedian ever but he is a survivor and now a legend who took over the reins of The Tonight Show from Johnny Carson 17 years ago today and that in itself earns him a measure of respect.

I’ve Got A Lot Of Nerve!

It isn’t lost on me that I’m about to start doing for a living what I’ve spent my recent weeks critiquing as it’s done by others!  That work will continue uninterrupted, by the way.  So I’d better have my game face on, eh? 

The Most Vulnerable Among Us

After 42 days of faint hope, confirmation that abducted 8 year old Tori Stafford is indeed dead is like a tiny knife to the heart.  She became  “our” little girl as we got to know her and worry for her.

Please Do Not Adjust Your Blog

I will continue to fill this space with whatever my head needs to empty from day to day but the routine may have to change.

Uncommon Sense

How timely that 10 LCBO workers have just been busted for an Air Miles scam just as I’m poring over the Codes of Conduct pertaining to my new employer. 

Going Nu-cue-lar

I’ll admit to being a little retentive about the way that words are pronounced.  And I have some new additions to my ever-expanding list after punching around the radio dial awhile yesterday afternoon.