Month: July 2010

Gone Fishin’

Well, okay, we’re actually attending a wedding today.  My second cousin Darcy is marrying his sweetheart, Sadaf. 

Footwear Fiasco

We’re going to a wedding this weekend and I needed a new pair of shoes.   On a recommendation from a friend I popped into my local Winners and grabbed a gorgeous pair of sandals on sale, as they’re clearing out the summertime merchandise.  I was in and out in 10 minutes.  Sweet!

Who Can I Sue?

Lawsuits for gigantic amounts of money crop up every once in a while and usually over something pretty stupid. 

Sweet Sounds

820 Cham in Hamilton has abandoned its feeble stab at the talk radio format and has returned to its roots – country music.  Yesterday I tuned in to find out how it was going and heard one of my favourite singers of all time. Ronnie Dunn of Brooks and Dunn, singing My Maria. 

Uncommon Sense

Montreal parishoners are very upset with their spiritual leader who appears to have made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars they loaned to him.  Some people even remortgaged their homes to come up with the money the Reverend Mwinda Lezoka said he needed to keep the church open. 

My Best Advice

As I’ve previously explained, my sister-in-law bought the original Bernice – my former bike, a Suzuki Boulevard S40 – and now that I’m on a bigger machine (Honda Shadow Aero) I’m having to relearn a few things to account for the heavier weight and more power. So I started thinking about the things Iwould tell …

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Dumb News Item of the Week

They say crime doesn’t pay.  When you’re a total idiot and your scheme is just plain evil, sometimes it can truly backfire.   Check out this story about a young Dad who tried to use crime to get back at his ex.


Now that my first motorcycle has been purchased by my sister-in-law, we no longer refer to her as “Bernice”.   She has a new life and that name Bernice means nothing to Barb.  So my new bike, BII, is now the only Bernice on two wheels. 

Dear London Free Press

Hey there, Freeps!  My name might ring a teeny, tiny bell.  You run my House Proud column sometimes and you used to run my business section column years ago.   We’re pals even though we don’t hang out all the time.  We both have other, closer friends.

Best News Story of the Week

Sure, the Special Olympics are taking place in this city and Michael Ignatieff’s tour bus broke down – but there’s one story this week that stands out to me as being more fascinating than any of the others. 

Young Junkmen

While my husband was on his annual bike excursion in the US, I took care of a niggling issue in our back yard. 

A Pizza Dessert

Distinct dividing lines emerge among friends the more you get to know them.  Are they cat people or dog people?  Will they download music illegally or do they respect copyrights?  And do they like pineapple on pizza or think it’s sacrilege?