Month: August 2010

Stepping Stones

This will probably become a House Proud column at some point but for now it’s a work in progress. 

Something for Newsies to Think About

In the news business we get very jaded.  We get used to hearing about the awful things people do to each other, day after day, and we have even been known to make the occasional dark and twisted joke about some horrific situations as a coping mechanism.  If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. 

A Tale of Two Women

Diandra Douglas and Michael Douglas divorced ten years ago after he went through a Tiger-Woods-lite period of drug and sex addiction.  They had been married more than two decades and had wed after dating just six weeks.

A Sacred Site

A battle in New York City over whether a Mosque should be built near the Ground Zero site is polarizing opinions of the people there.

New Fossil Find

Some construction workers putting a new sewer system into one of Edmonton’s richest neighbourhoods unearthed teeth and bones of a 70 million year old dinosaur.  It’s a particular type of critter that hasn’t been dug up in this part of the world before and archeologists are excited about the unexpected find.

Must See TV

At a dinner gathering at our friends’ place last night we got talking about television.  One of the gang is anticipating a work/life/commute change and she’s excited about actually watching TV shows as they happen.  Of course, that’s no longer necessary in these days of PVRs and “on demand” television channels.  But it brought me …

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Wah wah wah

I am really feeling the result of not taking any vacation time this summer.

My New Demo!

An airshift might be the bread and butter but freelance work is the jam!

Dr Laura’s Flapping Pie-Hole

Dr. Laura has been dishing out judgemental advice on radio airwaves for 30 years and she’s about to hang up her headphones after this latest fracas over something she said. 

Riding for a Good Cause

Motorcyclists love to ride and they’ll use virtually any excuse to do so.  “I feel like ice cream” is a good one.  There’s also, “Who knows when it will be this nice out again!”  But aside from Friday the 13th, if you see bunches and bunches of bikes riding en masse, there’s a good chance …

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Fear in the Forecast

If you visit here regularly you know that I moonlight at Delaware Speedway. I can be found in the observation tower each and every race night (and race afternoon) jotting down notes and uploading photos, tweeting and Facebooking and watching the races intently.   I visit the pit area and chat to drivers when I can.  …

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The Wacky Week That Was

We are having major issues with our Internet service provider. Uploading a blog normally takes about 90 seconds. Today, more than an hour! I love you dearly, faithful reader, but I’m not willing to go through this again! So if this page goes a little quiet it’s because Rogers hasn’t fixed whatever it is that’s …

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Trend Snob – House Proud, The Toronto Sun

Every so often some designer will tell you what is in and what is out for decorating your home. If you’re like me, a trend has been incorporated into your decor only because you really love it and it fits with your lifestyle and personality.


My favourite comic strip of all time, Cathy, is ending its 35  year run in October.