Month: July 2018

Review: Beyond Meat Burger

Many meat-eaters are choosing to go meatless now and then. There’s enough evidence that shows eating a steady diet of meat can have a detrimental effect to your body and the planet. And there are so many alternatives now.

The Real Cure

We’ve all seen those videos and stories about how a cure for cancer has been suppressed, the secret to dissolving belly fat, etc.. They come from websites with vaguely familiar names and have been “overlooked” or ignored by mainstream medicine and media. 

Website Changes

There are changes underway on this site! A redesign is underway so there might be a few unfamiliar features. Please be patient and enjoy what we hope will be improvements to the layout. Your feedback, as always, is welcome. Thanks!

Derek and Spice nose to nose at the vet's office

He Made Our House a Home

It’s part of the deal. Pets don’t live long enough and we know that going in. Adopting a senior cat likely meant even less time and maybe that’s why most people don’t want to do it. You know it in your head but no one tells your heart.

A bottle of Samuel Adams beside a cold glass full of beer

Drink Drank Drunk

A friend inspired me to write this post. This person is a fairly recent non-drinker who wrote about the positive changes in his life since he quit.

Corrie’s Sepsis Story

My thanks to blog reader Cameron for tipping me off about something the UK is buzzing about. Coronation Street, the long-running, beloved British soap opera, put a character in a coma because of misdiagnosed sepsis. Survivors like me, and advocates around the world, are taking notice. This is huge. 

The Weekend, The Book and Other Things

Saturday was hotter in London, Ontario than it was in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Dubai, that over-populated, but-it’s-a-dry-heat, desert playground, where 40C+ is the norm. Where millions of people hustle through the world’s tenth-busiest airport on their way to spend their wealth at luxury stores while the sun beats down with a relentless burn. No …

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