Month: November 2008

A Sensible Handbag

9 times out of 10 the ads that come up on my facebook page have to do with dieting.  “Try Oprah’s diet”  “Lose weight the Rachel Ray way” “Learn the diet secrets of the stars”  I don’t click on them because I already know the secret to dieting – take in fewer calories than you …

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A Cozy Holiday for All

Real Women Magazine is behind a fresh holiday drive for kids in the care of Children’s Aid. 

Props to my Peeps

Everybody who’s ever analyzed a BBM (Bureau of Broadcast Measurement) ratings release knows you can manipulate the numbers six ways to Sunday and make your station look like a leader in a category. 

Branching Out

For many years I’ve enjoyed mentoring young broadcasters; those who want to be in the business and those who already are.  A lot of veterans my age have no time for the next generation but it seems to me that they’re now expected to come out of school major-market ready and they’re eager and in …

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Requiem for a Flower

Thanks to the many emails I received about the unidentified plant, I know now that it is (or shall we say, was) an amaryllis.

Old Friends

The co-author of one of my most enduring friendships came by today and it got me thinking about what treasures good friends are. 

Home Improvement

You may be aware that I write a bi-weekly column for the Toronto Sun called House Proud.  It runs in the New Homes and Condos section and it’s about anything and everything to do with owning a home.  It’s also one of my favourite freelance jobs because I’m all about a comfortable home – not showy …

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House Proud – Winter Prep

During a torrential rainstorm, I ventured outside to investigate the cause of our overflowing rain gutter. I discovered that a very small but mighty tree had sprouted up and was creating a blockage that sent a waterfall over the side of the house, where it was making a small lake on the lawn. 

The Day To Day

People ask me, they say, what do you do with your days now that you’re no longer on the radio?  Let me tell you! They’re chock-a-block with this and that and the other!

Sweet and Sour

Maybe it’s time we just tossed away all of this artificial crap we’re eating and if we need to satisfy a sweet tooth, we eat something sweet, containing good old fashioned sugar.  Because trying to get around the realities of nature sometimes just isn’t worth it.

Return to the Snowbelt

In the winter of 1983-84, I moved from Prince George BC to London ON.  I drove a VW Rabbit diesel with Puff the lizard in a carrier beside me.  It was an unconventional trip to be sure. I vividly recall being threatened with bodily harm after stopping at a small town bar in search of a …

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Thank You

It’s time I acknowledged the flood of emails I received after my last day on 680 News. 

It’s A Guy Thing

Added to my list for a trip to Home Depot was a “piano hinge”.  No problem.  I know what a hinge is so a piano hinge must not be hard to find.  Right? It shouldn’t be, since that what every guy calls it.  But it’s some sort of underground conspiracy that I’ve unwittingly tapped into.  …

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Toronto Driving, Experienced By An Outsider

I chose to look at my morning commute into Toronto yesterday as an experiment.  My Xtrail was in a petri dish and I was a scientist, observing the effect on it after mixing thousands of vehicles, impatient drivers and driving rain. Any other perspective would have made me blow a personal gasket.