Month: December 2008

Bits of Tid

The obesity problem in North America is so widespread (pun intended) that clothing manufacturers are now refusing to divulge the “average” size dress women wear. 

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Brad Pitt is an uneven actor at best.  For every A River Runs Through It there’s a Meet Joe Black, three hours of my life I desperately wanted back when the credits rolled. 

A Little Update

I rarely write about my Little Sister because I don’t want to embarrass her or tell tales she’d rather I didn’t.  But she remains an important part of my life, even though the formal part of our relationship is essentially over.

Half of a turkey,

two Corning dishes full of mashed potatoes, a half-jar of cranberries, three-quarters of a birthday cake, two containers of a brocolli/rice dish, a small tub of gravy and two pieces of pie.

Running Me Over

It has happened twice so far this holiday season, and because I have to head out briefly again today, I want to make sure no one is third time lucky.

Unwanted Callers

I’ve been getting some strange phone calls lately and it turns out that I’m not alone. 

Young Readers Beware

The Tale of Despereaux is coming to movie theatres and plenty of kids already know the story of the triumphant mouse.  I, however, did not.  And the beginning of the book absolutely slayed me with its inappropriateness for its target age group, 8 to 12 years old. 

Throwing Away The Kids

Years ago, Lance Secretan was a guest on my CHML talk show.  We hit it off to the degree that we discussed producing a radio show together.  Lance is an author and corporate ethics and excellence advisor.  But when it came to crunch time, he was simply too busy for a little radio program. 

Cruise Control

Has Tom Cruise gone the way of thousands of actors before him and undergone some facial upgrades in an effort to ward off the ravages of time?