Month: January 2009

Everything In Its Place – Even Junk Should Have Its Own Drawer – “House Proud”, The Toronto Sun

Many organization experts claim there is no need to collect all that stuff we lovingly call “junk.” For them, it’s a black-and-white issue. They reason that if you have everything in its place, you don’t need to keep a collection of stuff that doesn’t belong together. And they have zero tolerance for anything that resembles …

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One Week Til the Bike Show

The World of Motorcycles Expo is in one week’s time.  Many of us go to trade shows, home shows and so on but few of us know what it takes to bring one of those successful shows together.  This is my second year peeking behind the curtain and I’m much more involved this time around.

Idol Contenders

Now that I’m not reacting to a 2:30 am alarm every day I can stay up past 8 pm and see what the fuss is about. 

Snow Days

Snowfall warnings are out and the Toro sits at the ready to be called into action once most of it has fallen.

Kiva Update

Just prior to Christmas I posted my intentions to donate money to Kiva, an international aid organization that distributes loans to budding entrepreneurs in the third world.  I chose four people based on their business proposals and loaned each of them $25. toward their modest goal. 

Comments are Here!

In response to a bunch of comments about comments and the lack of them in response to my blogs, I’m happy to say that the ability to leave them has now arrived!


I was one of the first of my peer group to get on Facebook and now I use it regularly.  But does that put me on top of what’s hot?  Apparently not!  Facebook is, like, so last year! 

Reality Check

This afternoon I’m talking to first year students in the Broadcast Journalism course at Fanshawe College.  It’s an unusual time in our industry and it will be fascinating for me to assess how much they’re plugged into what’s going on.  

Obama’s Big Day

Barack Obama will be sworn in as US President today.  And I’m a little nervous about it.

I Take It All Back

I’d like to apologize to the woman mentioned in yesterday’s blog, who mindlessly ate a meal on the subway.  She might possibly be the Queen of Class compared to what I saw in Union Station yesterday! 

Lucky Me

I dropped into 680 News yesterday, a planned brief visit, the first one since I left its employ two and a half months ago.

The Words of Obama

When will special interest groups ever learn? You can’t change the world by yelling louder or staging stunts that don’t appeal to the masses.