Month: March 2009

Site Out of Sight

Sorry if you dropped by earlier today or late yesterday and got an error message on this website.  Some of you have told me you’ve had problems posting comments recently, too.  That’s as frustrating for me as it is for you but apparently it has been fixed. (I’m taking bets on how long before the …

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Lotto Losers

Two brothers are furious with OLG after discovering their lottery tickets had misprints and errors on them.

Legal Eagles

My earliest memory of my answer to the question, What do you want to be when you grow up?, was A lawyer.  Then I found out how long I’d have to be in school and decided to explore a plan b or c for my life’s work.  I was always eager to get out of school …

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How Tweet It Is

I have to admit it.  I don’t really understand Twitter and I think only a few of my friends are doing anything useful with it.

Bonus Madness

There’s something about some people who rise through the ranks of their profession to the very top, where their word is law and their decisions have a direct impact on the lives of those on lower rungs of the ladder.  Some people forget what it was like to be in the rank and file.

Waxing on and off

If the thought of a bikini wax makes your knees slap together and your throat emit a howl of agony, well, see you tomorrow!  Because today, I’m going all the way to Brazil.

Talk and Die

By now you’re aware that actress Natasha Richardson has died after what seemed to be a very minor tumble on a Quebec ski hill while taking a private lesson. 

Taking a Tumble

As I was lying on the pavement taking inventory of my body, knowing I wasn’t badly hurt, my most vivid thought was, Well, I’m glad THAT’S overwith!

Review: Milk

A film such as this, about a little-known (on a wide scale) gay activist who truly helped change the world for the better, upsets me as much as I enjoy watching and learning about such inspirational people.

Kudos to Erin

This morning, my wonderful friend Erin Davis will be honoured for her amazing career, with the Rosalie Trombley Award at a breakfast this morning.  I will be there, at her table, with her family and friends, cheering for her.