Month: September 2009

A Ride For Kids’ Sake

 On Saturday I’ll be going on my first charity motorcycle ride alone.  Bernice, my bike, has never been on one of these rides that involved hundreds of bikes and I”ve only gone on them on the back of Derek’s Harley.

Half-Hearted Sampling

A NYC arts reporter for the Globe and Mail returned to Toronto and decided to write a column about sampling morning radio. 

I know you’re busy, but…

Yesterday we met some friends for brunch.  This couple and their kids join us once a month or so and we love the little guys and their adorable antics.  The older lad is a mini-me to Dad and he usually quips something memorable.  The smaller guy is quieter but adorable to watch.  They give us a …

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Antagonistic Actor

I’ve had a bit of a laugh at the expense of former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron on Whatever Happened To, the TV show on which I appeared for 3 seasons.

Thoughts On Driving

It annoys me when another driver at a 4-way stop waves me ahead, especially when it’s not yet my turn.

New Diet Plan

I’ve just invented it.  It’s called The MacKenzie Phillips Diet.  Here’s how it works.

A Motorcycle Ride … While We Still Can!

If you live in the London/Woodstock area and would like to take a nice, crisp ride in a couple of weeks, here are the details on a fundraising ride I’m going on.

My “Grateful” List

The other day, just for fun, I started making a list of the things I’m grateful for about working at 1039FM compared to my old life, at 680 News. 

Here We Go Again

You don’t have to cut me open and count the rings to know how old I am.  Just ask me how many times I’ve seen fashion trends come around again.

Another “Old Fart” Randt!

Everyone says it.  Kids’ eyes roll when they hear it.  But I’m convinced that teenagers are really a different species than they were back when I was one of them.

House Proud – Redo Me! The Toronto Sun

I’ve been moving into a new phase of life that biologists have previously overlooked. This evolution is taking me from a shopaholic into a recycle-and-renewer.

Keeping Abreast of Things

I recently had an experience with a women’s undergarment that I feel I need to share, in the interest of preventing a similar circumstance for my fellow femmes.  This gets a little graphic so try not to blush!