Month: February 2010

Random Thoughts

Never get into the water with any type of swimming mammal that has “Killer” built right into its name.

Selling Sensible Sight

I have a little sideline sales project. Well, WE have one.  It’s a case where we liked the product so much, we bought the company…er…or something like that. 

Specialty Sizes

Okay ladies (and concerned gentlemen) it’s high time we banded together and stopped the insanity. 

A Wee Bit of Whine

Yesterday I did something I’ve never done before even though I have previously wanted to.  I called an editor and complained about how one of my published columns was edited.

The Problem With London Motorists…Part II

I’ve previously identified London drivers as a group of inexplicable brake tappers. Oh, they love to light up their tails and make you think you need to prepare to stop when it’s more likely that they’re reaching over into the back seat to get a candy or touching up their make-up in the mirror. 

Gitcher Motor Runnin’!

The World of Motorcycles Expo is on this weekend at the Western Fair Agriplex.  If you don’t ride a motorcycle you may think, so, what’s this got to do with me? 

Twitter Twits

My Blackberry buzzed yesterday afternoon with the surprising and sad news that Gordon Lightfoot had died.  “Damn”, I thought.  “Last I heard he was doing well.” 

Move In Day

If you’ve ever been to a trade show, say, the auto show or a boat show, you probably haven’t even thought about what it takes to get all of those vehicles indoors, safely, efficiently and without any crashes or catastrophes. 

Risk Assessment

The following is a chart created by a risk management professional and it’s awfully sad that it’s so accurate. 

Baby Blues

There was a Family Day rally at Queen’s Park.  About 60 couples protested the fact that OHIP doesn’t cover invitro fertilization for those who can’t conceive.  The procedure goes for about $10,000. per treatment and sometimes several rounds are needed.  For many couples, it doesn’t even work.  

Journey’s End

He made it! My brother is “there”.  He’s in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, in the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego.  He arrived on his road-worn BMW motorcycle during a blizzard and he tells me hundreds of people, locals and fellow tourists,  took his photo as he pulled into the city.

The Pope’s Playlist

The Vatican newspaper, L’Ossertavore Romano, has published its picks for the best popular music.  It suggests this is a “semi-serious” list of 10 classic albums to take to a desert island. 

The Game of Sex

You can’t say the Middlesex-London Health Unit is shying away from educating teens about sex.


I don’t want to leave the impression that spending the night in Lucan at the home of Sir William the kitten was a chore.  It was not.  I would do just about anything for my friends, the humans belonging to this feline.  But I think it was a lesson from the Great Gazoo.