Month: May 2010


It was only a matter of time.  Someone has taken the best ideas from Facebook and made a whole new type of online meeting spot. 

Perennial Problem

So I decided to pick up some perennials for the front garden to fill in the holes where we pulled out some grasses that were growing too big.  We transplanted the grasses in the back where they can go nuts if they want.  In case you’re not garden literate, perennials come back every year and annuals die …

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Faeries, Ye are Welcome Here!

It’s a regular joke around our house:  “I sure hope the laundry fairies come this weekend!”  “Gee, the vacuuming fairy better get to work!”  And so on.

So Glad I Found Lost

All of the meandering, confusing and intricate plotlines of Lost finally came together last night like strands of yarn in a tight weave!

You Can Call Me “Art”

If you ever come to my house it’s not likely that I will point out my paintings to you and that’s for your sake.  Art is such a subjective thing.  Some people like very literal depictions of sitting ducks and crouching cats.  Others want a velvet Elvis watching over them.  I never want to put someone …

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Wet Weather

There isn’t anything we can do about it but the weather sure can take the fun out of outdoor plans, eh?  As I write this it’s raining hard and the joy is being sucked out of the day for many people on this long weekend.

Stolen Improvements

Fridays mean cars on the brain.  Delaware Speedway racing runs on Fridays, and some Saturdays too, including this one.  I’m already anticipating the roar of the engines and the smell of burning fuel! So this story from a newsletter I receive called This Is True struck me as amusing.  Imagine getting back something that was …

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Beatlesque Boys from Oz

Beatlemania: The Ultimate Beatles Experience made a stop in London last night.  1039FM presented the show at Centennial Hall and when we got there I was asked if I’d do an intro on stage. 

Three Things Every Radio Advertiser Should Know

In my former life as a partner in a jingle/commercial production studio, and throughout my radio career, I’ve learned a lot about radio commercials. It goes beyond what a person likes or dislikes.  It’s what works! 

Delaware – It’s On!

Racing at Delaware Speedway was rained out last Friday.  Tonight, it’s looking like we’re a “go”.  So this is how I spend my time in my duties for Delaware, writing previews and post-race reports, media releases, profiles of racers and fielding media inquiries until race night when I’m on site, taking photos, notes, etc for …

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My Personal Diet Solution

The time has come.  My blood test results have all come back and I’m in almost perfect health.  I have no cholesterol issues, no thyroid problems, nothing that is contributing to my current health concern except the usual factors like overloading my pie hole and not spending enough time getting active.