Month: February 2016

Iceland. Land of Ice!

The first thing I noticed when we stepped outside of Pearson International after returning from Iceland, is that, at the time, it was colder in Toronto than in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city.

If I Could Change the World… – Posted Oct 7, 2009

People would stop calling Lisa Kudrow the most talented cast member on Friends (Yeah, it’s this kind of blog!) because if you recall she tended to nearly crack up during funny scenes, breaking character, while Courteney Cox stayed true to Monica and was the most believable one of the bunch. 

Missing My Best Buddy – Posted Feb 7 2014

[vc_testimonial type=”2″ author=”Name” company=”Role” img=””] … [/vc_testimonial] A friend of mine posted this photo on Facebook.  If you’re on the social media site you know you’ll see similar pre-captioned photos like this every week (memes) on topics ranging from illnesses to political issues.  But this one made me burst into tears. 

From the Lips of an Expert

You know when you apply lip balm, and then your lips dry up and you have to apply lip balm again, and you wonder if it’s some sort of conspiracy to get you to keep buying it? It’s not a conspiracy, it’s an allergy. 

Throwback Thursday: Retirement, So Far

When the crew at Blackburn Radio/Free FM took me to lunch on my last day, one of the sales guys convinced our server that I was retiring! It’s been six months, and retirement’s been pretty good, so far.  

Ghomeshi Mess

A lot of people think Jian Ghomeshi will be found not guilty of sexual assault and overcoming resistance by choking. I think so too, but that doesn’t mean I think he’s innocent. 

Worst Country

As our trip to Iceland draws closer, I decided to rent a car. The airport is about an hour away from the capital city where we’ve booked a hotel and there’s a lot we’d like to see on our own. I upgraded the little four-door hatchback to include GPS. It seemed like a wise investment. 

Family Day, But Not For All

Today is Family Day, an Ontario holiday. It’s also observed in Saskatchewan and Alberta. But because it’s a provincial holiday and broadcasting is a federally regulated industry, it’s not a day off for us unless we have booked it as a regular holiday day. 

Bread in the Cloud

Cloud bread is the latest food craze. It’s a bread-like baked good made without flour or butter. Each piece is 31 calories and has 0 carbs. So I took it to my test kitchen, which is also my regular kitchen, and gave it a go. 

Am I A Belieber?

You may think you don’t know me at all after you read this. I am thinking the same thing as I write it. I love the new Justin Bieber album. 

What’s Next

My journalist friend Dan, who teaches part-time at Western University, tells his students something very wise. He says, I can’t teach you how to use what’s next in journalism, because it hasn’t been invented yet. 

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