Derek and Spice nose to nose at the vet's office

He Made Our House a Home

It’s part of the deal. Pets don’t live long enough and we know that going in. Adopting a senior cat likely meant even less time and maybe that’s why most people don’t want to do it. You know it in your head but no one tells your heart.

A case of Frank's Red Hot sauce at Costco

Salty Spice

A taste for spice will help you reduce your salt intake. This has implications for anyone who’s trying to keep a cap on how much salt they eat.  

Spice looms over Sugar looking unhappy

Throwback Thursday – Sibling (Cat) Rivalry

It took a long time to figure out what Spice and Sugar were to each other. Were they reluctant spouses? Roommates? It was about a year into their relationship before they cuddled up but they still have little spats. Spice still dominates her in little ways. He’ll shoo her away from the food bowl if …

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Happy Birthday Wee Gal

Today is Miss Sugar’s 11th birthday. She is the junior-senior of our senior cat duo, adopted from the London Humane Society when she was nine. The first thing we did was change her name from Kitty. Talk about unimaginative!

Our Little Amputees

Someone else declawed Spice and Sugar. Our senior furballs were 11 and 10 respectively when they became members of the household, and their lack of claws was a characteristic I wanted, actually. They had to fit into the family and one of the ways they could do that was by not tearing up our furniture. It’s …

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Sickly Spicey

Our 15-year-old Head of Household Security isn’t well. In addition to hyperthyroidism, he has pancreatitis and a bit of kidney disease. It’s thought that once we get the pancreas sorted out, the kidney will improve. We certainly hope so. 

Scary Spice

Spice is sick. How sick, we weren’t sure, so we took him to the vet on Wednesday morning. Taking a senior cat to a vet is like logging onto webMD. The symptoms could be the common cold, or deadly cancer! 

Six Months of Sugar

It’s been six months since I first visited Miss Sugar, then named Kitty, at the London Humane Society. She had a cone around her head and was recovering from a stomach bug, and even though she looked rather forlorn, I knew I had found our next fur baby. 

Spice’s Big Adventure

Spice, our almost-toothless, clawless, senior, indoor cat got out on Saturday. By the time we found him, we could see our breath from the incoming cold. And in-between was the most frantic I’ve felt…maybe ever. 

Crazy Cat Lady Confirmed

This is how it happens. You get one cat. Then you get another. Then you stop thinking that talking about your cats is boring to other people. Then you buy Christmas stickers in the scrapbook section of Michaels and it’s suddenly out of control!

Kitty News

We’ve been a two-cat household for more than a month now and things have settled into a routine. Our new adoptee Sugar, or Miss Sugar, is a delight. Spice is making sure she knows she’s #2 and he’s #1. There have been some incidents of hissing and chasing but no actual fights. They even get …

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Kitty the kitty

Spice, the 14-year-old wondercat, has been restless. When he was surrendered for adoption, he was part of a pair. Animal Aide in St. Thomas apparently tried to adopt them together but no one wanted two senior cats. They were both 11 at the time. So Chloe was adopted separately and we came to learn about Spice …

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Our Loyal Sentry

On Sunday afternoon, I was in the basement gathering some laundry I had hung to dry when a noise in the other room caught my attention. Spice was on the bookshelf behind the drum kit, knocking books onto the floor. “That’s weird”, I thought. “Spice doesn’t read.”