Month: June 2010

Strapping Them On

A strange phenomenon is sometimes popping up on the shoulders of better-dressed women and I feel it is my duty to address it! 

I Doth Protest

We saw and heard it all over the weekend: the peaceful protests and the self-described anarchists called the Black Bloc, as the G20 leaders came to Toronto.

Life at the Plaza

We live next to a little strip mall.  It’s mostly good.  It’s clean, there is no pool full of screeching children and we don’t have some of the troubles that can come with bad neighbours.

Garage Update

When we last left our saga, some of the radiant in-floor heating tubes had been damaged.  (cue dramatic music!)

Several Steps Over the Line

Quebecor has announced it’s putting together a sort of Fox News North – a 24 hour TV channel because, my inner sarcastic voice says, the other ones have worked out to be soooo popular.

More Than Words

And now, another instalment of words that make me go “hmmm”.   Newswriting is a tricky business. It’s usually done to the fast ticking of a clock to deadline which is why editors are so important.

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