Month: September 2010

One Lucky Couple

Imagine you’re getting your engagement photo taken in a New Jersey park and you notice a guy sitting on a bench who looks familiar. Could it be? Is it? Yup. It’s the Boss.

Sex as a Weapon

It happens every year.  Someone takes umbrage over the Everything To Do With Sex Show, speaks out about it and brings the show more free publicity than organizers could ever hope for.

Media-minded Man

I’m not sure how he discovered it but Derek turned me on to Jerry Del Calliano and his newsletter and I’m finding his opinions fascinating, timely and thought-provoking.  They’re for anyone in broadcasting or related media businesses.

Lower Than a Worm’s Belly

If I had to choose only one paper to read for the rest of my natural life it would probably be the New York Post. 

Back to the Blackberry

There’s a perception out there in technology land that once you go to an iPhone, you never go back.


Being a working writer, especially the writer of a newspaper column with a theme and a purpose, depends on more than just being able to write.

Scenes from the Great White Northeast

Derek and Thane (aka Adventurous Media) are continuing their trip along the new trans-Labrador Highway to make a film of the trek.  Derek is the engaging host and Thane, the well-planned filmmaker.

Stupid Stone!

I mentioned that I had to redo the coating on the entry steps.  They’re still roped off with orange “do not pass” tape because I put a second coat of paint on yesterday afternoon before my friend Kerry arrived to help me rip out the useless grapevines out back. 

And…They’re Off!

The Adventurous Media duo has arrived in the east a little later than scheduled (thank you heavy traffic and rain mixed with fog) and they’re off to Newfoundland. 

Updates: The Food Thing and Other Things

A few weeks ago I wrote about a book that shifted the way I look at food.  I knew I’d put on 25 lbs in the past couple of years but I also knew that I would have to have a real shift in attitude before I could concentrate on losing them.

Rendered Obselete

Radio has been watching its own navel and wondering if it will disappear – not the navel but the industry – for as long as I have been in it.