Month: August 2011

Green With Envy

I love my city. It’s alive with festivals and fun all summer long. It has excellent restaurants and fascinating museums. But when it comes to green bins we are living in the dark ages.

Dummies in a Hurricane

A loss of life in nature’s wrath is a shame but let’s be frank here, sometimes people are just too stupid to heed the warnings and Irene took advantage.

Life Without Regrets

Even as I wrote my blog a while back wishing Jack Layton well I had a feeling his time would be limited. He just looked so ill. Regardless of his politics, he fought for what he thought was right and as an interview subject, he was smart and easy to talk to.

Thoughts for Goderich

As I write this it’s 7 pm on Sunday night and the extent of the damage in Goderich from what will soon be confirmed as a tornado looks devastating.

Athiests and Fat People

Montreal police have arrested a man they believe is responsible for thousands of death threats emailed to people all over who had one thing in common: they questioned the existence of God.

The Ballad of Herb Welsh

We watched a rerun of last season’s Saturday Night Live which included a parody of an old, out-of-touch newsman, Herb Welsh, who misses the point of stories and rants at the news anchor for being “a can of hairspray”.

It’s Happening Again

The back-to-school flyers are arriving in the mail.  The dollar stores have several aisles filled with Halloween merchandise.  Someone put their big, fat finger on the fast-forward button of life again and I want to have a serious word with them.