Sugar’s Sayonara

It’s true, my little tail twitchers. This is my final regular Tuesday blog post. To find out why, please come with me into the past, and envision with me my beautiful future.

I first started putting paws to keyboard a couple of years ago. My human beans had only just settled into their Wallaceburg home when they decided – without consulting me – that we would be moving again! Miss Sugar’s Moving Diary was born. Your adulation was too much for me to give up, so I continued to write even after we relocated at the Southwold ranch, as we call this slice of country heaven.

In recent months, though, I’ve felt I’ve said all I needed to say. I’ve taught you about feline behavior. Indulged in Mother’s silly whims (remember the cat’s-height art gallery?) Answered urgent questions posed by kitty readers. I even reviewed a movie and ranked my fave fur brushes.

My friends, I have grown weary. I’m in my 16th year. As I recently revealed, confidently leaping on furniture is something I do less of, despite Mother’s purchase of a well-placed pouf. I make a mess more often these days, and though my humans clean it up without complaint, I certainly don’t want my poor housekeeping to become what I’m known for. Honesty is, after all, my blogging watchword.

Miss Sugar observes herself in the calendar

So, I leave you on a high note. It’s February 2021 – the month of Miss Sugar in the HSLM calendar! (My human beans pledge that it will be February in our home all year long!) This may be the pinnacle of my fame. It’s my fashion catwalk in Paris. My Oscar-winning moment. What better time to recede into the quiet life of a former supermodel?

I appreciate your readership, your kind emails and comments, your social media shares and your delight in my little life as a happy furball. Things in Miss Sugar’s world are very good, indeed. The naps are a little longer, my songs are a little louder and more frequent, and the love I take is equal to the fur I shed.

Mother will no doubt reference me here from time to time and seek my input on various matters, which I will happily provide.

Mother has been musing about the future of this blog and in which direction it should go. She has so many interests, I find it difficult to keep track! She’s taking a Creative Novel Writing course, rewriting a novel she already wrote, working on a monthly magazine, doing her voice work, and poking her little brain into every other pursuit that tickles her fancy.

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So, it’s so long but not goodbye. I love you all, my little tuna fanciers! You do you, and I’ll be me, sound asleep on the sheepskin rug.

I remain your furever friend,

Miss Sugar

14 thoughts on “Sugar’s Sayonara”

  1. Hello Miss Sugar,
    Thank you for all your posts. I have learned a lot from you regarding my two precious cats. I will miss your advise. Wishing you well and look forward to your human bean’s postings which I also enjoy.
    Take care

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained, Miss Sugar! It’s been an interesting ride.

    Be well, kitty.


  3. Hello Miss Sugar,
    Although I am not a cat lover, and my husband (whom I have to live with!) is allergic to cats, I have certainly enjoyed reading your views on life and advice on what you like, and don’t like. My grandkids got a new kitten last March to keep them company during our many lockdowns, and I have passed some of your knowledge along to them about how to best treat and care for their new furry family member! Enjoy your retirement, and continue to entertain and enthrall your human beans! All my Best Wishes to you all!

  4. As you transition to the next of your nine lives, please know that your posts have always been appreciated (for their wit, whiskers and wisdom). SO nice to go out on the high note of being an actual Calendar Girl…and thank you. May your naps be long and restful, your bowl half-full and your life just lovely.

  5. Margaret Fardella

    Thank you so much for your lovely posts. I will miss them but understand why you are hanging up your pen. I have learned so much about my two beauties thanks to you. Enjoy your many naps in the warm sunshine!

  6. Be well Miss Sugar and enjoy each & every day. Thanks for all your insight and wisdom. It was beyond purr-fect as are you ❤

  7. I always looked forward to your posts Miss Sugar, I will see your picture every day in February, and maybe figure out how to see it all year long ? ?

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