An Easier Way to Have Your Say

Once in a while, certainly more often than I would like, I’ll get an email from a blog reader who has become frustrated while trying to register to leave a comment.  It’s not the fault of the site but I suppose that doesn’t really matter when it gets in the way of someone who wants to say something about something they’ve read. So my webmaster and I came up with a solution that will eliminate those barriers and make it super simple to leave a comment.  …

E-mail Fixed!

Several people have found another way to reach me to tell me that the email through my website wasn’t working.  It was a small glitch (I blame George W. Bush!) and my webmaster has found and corrected it.  So please email away!  And please leave your comments below my blogs as well.  I always love to hear from you.

Branching Out

For many years I’ve enjoyed mentoring young broadcasters; those who want to be in the business and those who already are.  A lot of veterans my age have no time for the next generation but it seems to me that they’re now expected to come out of school major-market ready and they’re eager and in need of some direction. With PD’s and ND’s piloting more than one station, and entire networks, they don’t have enough time to really work with those who need it the most. Even those who have been in the business for some time can use a bit of objective analysis and course correction. This is where I come in.  …