Month: December 2009

House Proud – Imaginative Projects, The Toronto Sun

This column ran while I was away over the holidays.  I’m publishing it here as I submitted it however my editor will likely have made some changes.  I don’t know which of the many pictures I submitted ran with the article but I’ve included my favourites.  Enjoy!

Had Ourselves a Harrod’s Little Christmas

We are not alone in skipping Christmas and skipping off to Las Vegas. A few hundred thousand of our closest friends are here as well.  Another Harley-riding couple from Seattle did what we did and rented a bike to tour around over the holidays. 

Mornings Again

If I had a dime for every person who has asked me what it’s like doing a morning show again I’d have about 60 cents!

Apostrophe Catastrophe

I know this isn’t new territory.  I know I’m bordering on a fixation.  But the errant apostrophe continues to drive me nuts!