Month: October 2010

Beautiful, Wise Betty

I just finished reading Betty White’s autobiography, Here We Go Again.  It was first published in 1995 but because of the recent resurgence in interest in the actress, it has been updated with a colour photo section and a new introduction.

The New Ann Landers

Ozzy Osbourne is a lot of things but a health advice columnist probably isn’t one that immediately leaps to mind. Rolling Stone Magazine has hired him to do just that and I have a couple of samples of the wizened old rocker’s wisdom. 

Behind the Vote

Every so often voters want to shake the snoglobe of their city and have everything float around the glass and land in a different place.  When I was at 680 News in Toronto and Rob Ford wasn’t much more than a bloated buffoon on council who was having to apologize for drunken outbursts at sports …

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Crowded House

I would never make it in a crowded land.  I avoid department stores on Saturday afternoons and plan my mall and festival visits to avoid crushes of people.  So when I found myself in a sea of shoppers on Sunday my only thought was of escape.

The Computer Conspiracy

A stand-up comic – I forget which one – said technology is a ripoff because as soon as you walk out the door with one computer they bring the newest model out from under the counter, rendering yours obselete. 

The Worst Kind of Monster

Russell Williams embodies a woman’s worst fear. No one has been able to present any evidence that Williams was “off” or weird or anything but what he appeared to be; a successful, happily married man. 

Artery Clogging and Heart Starting

KFC’s Double Down sandwich arrived in Canada yesterday.   Fast food lovers have been drooling at the border, hoping that this monolithic bread-free bunwich-without-the-bun would make it to our KFC’s soon.   They delivered a bagful yesterday and I took in a big sniff and then sent mine away while my colleagues sated their curiosity.  

Update from Sick Bay

Not me, I’m doing alright, after a couple of days of rest and now just enduring a plain old head cold.  No, it’s my laptop’s health that’s causing the most concern. 

The Conversation at the Door

The doorbell rang and I tossed off my warm throw and skittered to answer it hoping it was a family member dropping by. 

Yelling “Fire!”

A London woman is being credited by the Fire Chief for saving the life of a man whose house was burning, because she yelled and screamed and caused such a ruckus, the man came outside.  She also banged on the door of a neighbour and told them to call 911. 

Commercial Magic

A couple of weekends ago I was so taken by a product on a commercial that I immediately went to the website and ordered it.  After all it’s “not available in stores” and the special bonus is on for a “limited time only”! 

A Miner Complaint

“Good news judgment”.   It’s something intangible that anyone in the news game must have; the ability to judge how much weight to put on a story, its importance or lack thereof and the tone in which to deliver it.