Happy Birthday Wee Gal

Today is Miss Sugar’s 11th birthday. She is the junior-senior of our senior cat duo, adopted from the London Humane Society when she was nine. The first thing we did was change her name from Kitty. Talk about unimaginative!

In the Luuup

Cats can be kind of disgusting. They’re more-or-less clean and rather obsessed with self-grooming but…well…if you’ve ever had a cat, you know. So when I heard about Luuup, the self-described Best Litter Box Ever Made, I had to investigate. This reads a bit like an infomercial, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not because my beta phase …

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Kitty the kitty

Spice, the 14-year-old wondercat, has been restless. When he was surrendered for adoption, he was part of a pair. Animal Aide in St. Thomas apparently tried to adopt them together but no one wanted two senior cats. They were both 11 at the time. So Chloe was adopted separately and we came to learn about Spice …

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Why Cats Rule

I’ve always thought of myself as a dog person but I have loved a couple of cats. My current kitty Spice is the feline to beat all. But I’ve also always believed that cats belong indoors. There are too many predators and they cause too much destruction and, frankly, poop, always on someone else’s property. …

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Meet Joe

The story of Joe has captured the hearts of animal lovers in southwestern Ontario.  Some dirtbag shot the sweet little kitty with a pellet gun and he was found on the side of a road near death with 17 pellets in his head.  

Family Matters

Some people say it’s insane to spend hundreds of dollars on an operation for a cat when you can replace him with another one so much cheaper.  None of those people live in this house. 

Half a Year With Spice

It’s been just over six months since the two of us, who had previously sworn off ever again succumbing to the charms of fur babies, threw caution to the wind and adopted Spice after I spotted him online at Animal Aide in St. Thomas. The other night I realized I didn’t know when our 11-year-old …

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Taking Today Off

I’m afraid I’m too mentally exhausted today to form an opinion about anything except perhaps that iTunes is the work of the devil.  But that’s a story for another day.  So today I present to you someone I miss.  Stan the cat.